Saturday, September 18, 2010

Summer 2010

Well, it's September 18th!! whoa, where did summer go? Anyways, I thought i'd just jot down a few thoughts here today. I also thought i'd jot down a few of my summer highlights too. :)
Summer highlight number 1. Going to Wyoming (2x's) once in May,once in August. Our first visit out to Wyoming we went to YellowStone Ntnl. Park (2xs). While out there we saw; Moose,bear,Pronghorns,deer,Antalope, Buffalo, Wolf, Cayotees, and much much more.
Also, on our first visit out to Wyoming we went to a place called Thermopolis. its a nice town, and they're well known for they're hotspring pools. Yeah, hot spring pools, they don't smell the best but if you can put up w/the smell its well worth it. My skin was so smooth after being in the awesome mineral water. I also, jumped off a high dive :) It was fun.
Summer memory number 2.Hanging out with my good frine Katie :) we walked her dog Kato at this one park, poor lil Kato got stung by a bee we think. Katie and I both walked prob. for three hrs. :) after walking we went to Subway, and we tried the summer sandwich, Apple chicken salad! Yummy!!! :) and not that bad for you either.
Summer memory number 3. Seeing Loretta Lynn at Grand Casino Hinckley w/my mommy! :) it was so much fun! she's such an amazing singer!!! and then we played and i won!! but played it all back to the dumb slots!! :( O WELL. lols.
Summer memory number 4. Parents go out West! :) Yehaw!!! they're gone!! lols, we missed e'm but how nice that was to have them out of the house for a whole wk. durning the week, i went to my AUnt Lindys for a bbq. and had good food, visited w/wonderful family too.
Summer is coming to an end, seeing as bts. is over! :) lols, BTS, stands for "BACK TO SCHOOL" yup, working retail, you kinda get use to using those lil slang terms. :) anyways, just had my 24th bday. i feel old, and not accomplished :( i'm deciding on whether or not if i should go back to school. I am still unsure of what i'd like to do for a carreer. parts of me would love to become a nurse, but i hate science and math :( another part of me would love to become a firefighter like my Fiance! :) but i'm not sure if i've got the endurance.
Getting older is exciting, yet for some realson, its a lil depressing too. I guess, when i was younger, i imaged myself living a vast life . Driving a newier car, graduated from college and making more $$$ then what i am at this moment. I also, thought i'd be married :( I'm not unhappy just excited to say i'm FINALLY married!! I've been engaged to my fiance now almost 4 yrs.!! I'm trying my hardest to motivate myself and him too. and it's not easy!! not easy to save $ when you don't make bearly enough! to cover all your bills, and something always seems to come up! Each time we both come into extra $ we both say "yeah, we'll put it away for our wedding fund" but then for some odd dumbass reason something always keeps us from fufilling that destiny!!!!! Y!!?????? SERIOUSLY Y!!!
well i've bitched enough! lols, now lets hear from you all! comment on my page!! :)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Summer 2010 house projects

Summertime projects:

1. Cleared out the brush

2. weed wacked the entire house

Next projects:

1.Clear out bonfire pit

2. get a hose carell put up for garden hose

3.clear off bookshelf in hallway

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Summer 2010


Done an awful lot! :) Jeremy and I finally made it out to Wyo! Jeremy and I made it to Yellowstone,Thermopolis (hotsprings), Worland (Jeremys other home). There was so much to see, I almost felt overfwhelmed. lolz, well we had an amazing time! In Yellowstone they had a minor avalanche over the Sylvan pass. Had Jeremy and I had left Cody earlier we would have been snowed in till the next morning. So that afternoon Jeremy and I went through the South Fork. BeAuTiFuL! so amazingly pretty :) Gods handi work is so unbelivable! I'm blessed beyond belief! Jeremy is so lucky to have lived out there for two yrs. wow!

Seeing Thermopolis, Thermop, the hotsprings were something else. they did smell a little bit like sulfer. After a while you sort of just got use to the smell. the hot water, and the rushing waterslides, life just couldn't get any sweeter than this. he he he he...Jeremy and I swam outside. and we got to soak in the hot tub outside, granted it was rainy/snowy, oh well. lolz. Being held in Jeremys arms and just seeing all the glory around me life was perfect. That evening Jeremy and I got to see Iron Man 2 awesome movie1 :)

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

vaca time!

soooooo Happy! finally, getting to go to Wyoming. :) Jeremy and I are now staying in Mankato. lols, so cools. he he he. I'm so happy that i'm finally getting to go there. and to see the remainder of the fam. and see the mnts. too....Well, I'll post more later

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Whats New!

Here's whats new in my life now. Jeremy tested at Duluth fire dept. on Sat January 20th, 2010. I am looking forward to seeing my tax money! I'm getting like 700dollars back!! :) I might get a laptop w/$400.00 of it. or, i may save all of it. Kim W. did my taxes :) and I picked up my info on Thurs. which was nice. On Sat (Jan 20th) I went to my old friends wedding shower. I really can't believe how we've all changed! seeing as we were all so squirly in hs. lols.
I'm ready to endeavor marriage! ;) seriously ready. I've been engaged for 2 1/2 yrs.! lols. but yeah.

Monday, February 8, 2010


Don't understand y, ppl.strive to make other ppl. upset! seriously!! Last night my fiance and i really had it out w/one of my supposibly friends! shes been harassing me, judging me,, and just being down right rude to me and to my fiance. So we finally shared some words go loose. It sure felt great! I honestly could care less if our friendship is over. shes been so rude to me over the yrs.and I've never. been able to push her to the side. But i was talking to another friend, and she said, maybe its just time to move on! and I do agree!! :) Thanks Katie! Love YA!! love ya too Shelly. A BIG! thanks to my wonderful fiance :) thanks for supporting me and for sticking up for me too! I really appreciated it. :)

Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Yrs Resolutions

Yep its 2010!

*Loose another few lbs.
*comfortably fit into a size 8

*get hooked into a church
*get wedding plans set

*get back onto a excercise routine
*get a new laptop

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

My BESTIE!!!!! ~Love ya Shelly!!!!! :)

Windows 7!!

Well its official!!! Windows 7 has been launched! cant wait to see how many ppl.actually buy today :) lols. Thankfully,i'm not working until 6pm :) Because I will bet a majority of our sales may be during the lunch hr.than again, alot of ppl.esepcially families shop at night. So we will def.c wut happens. :) God, plz.dont let it be too heckdic!! :)....Anyways, i'm still learning aobut Vista lols,hope I can get up to speed on 7! Thank goodness there are a few our store who know alot more than I do :) but i'm learning slowly! lols.Couldnt believe how much I accomplished in my 8hr.shift today :) my head is still spinning at how much I did :) I couldn't believe how quickly the day went by! Instead of eating my Stouffers Lasngna I treated myself to something at Mcd's lols,I was sooooooooo freaking hungry from all the running around I had been doing all day. I treated my her fav. iced coffee drink. Iced Carmel coffee :) actually pretty good too! :) lols, I snuck a sip. Maybe i'll get one of those instead of a coffee at Caribou,but the coffee drinks at Caribou are sooooooooooooo GOOD~!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

sick of being anxious

I'm soo anxious! :( I'm really scared! cuz i ran out of my meds a wk.ago tomorrow and i cant get my meds till the 11th! so scared! cuz i'm really anxious! youch!!!! I HATE DRS.! they never update things when they know they should!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Hotties!! :)

This is Leah and I at Accapulcos :)

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Shelly,me,and Jackie in my 'rents hot tub!

HighNoon playing at the East Bethel Firemans Relief dance 2009! they rock! I got to meet Steve he's one of the lead singers, Jeremy knows him from the EMT. course at Anoka Technical!

Sarah sandwich!! We always end up taking these kind of pictures!!

Paintball '09

Yep, I actually whent and I played paintball on Sat.August 8,2009 w/my sweetie :) Really a fun time. I really enjoy playing it :) I was the ONLY GIRL who played too.

Katies 21st birthday!

Leah T.,Gin,Sarah R.,Stephie s.,Adrienne, Katie M.(Bday girl) Sara G.,Amy G.,Angie G.,Mrs.McDonald

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

not such a good day :(

So getting tiered, seeing as its 10:05pm. on Tues. night. I use to be able to stay up late! and now late seems to become earlier and earlier. LOLS. who knows, I guess its just normal for those late late nights to dissapear at some point! LOLS. Up at Jeremys home in the living rm. with his mom, were watching the news :) but seems there nothing "good" going on in this world any more!! seriously! yucky!!! ugh.............! Today seemd to just be one of those cruddy days :( I got my fav.necklace tangeld up not meaning to of course luckily Jers mom was able to untangle it :)! Praise God, I now am wearing it. I will nvr.again wear this necklace with that other necklace ever again! then my other favorite necklace breaks! Then i spilled cheese all over the kitchen center island and a bit of it whent onto the flr.! ugh!!! then up at Jeremys I tripped over my laptop bag :( seriously I'm a klutz!! :( Yuck!!! Hope tomorrow is a better day.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

the tale of an infected tooth!

ok,so it all started about a wk.ago :( . Sunday evening rolls around and my babe has one hell of a tooth ache. Mon.morning rolls around even quicker and Jeremy makes a dentist Park Dental. He goes in to see exactly what this pain is being caused from. Jeremy finds out its a badly infected tooth. so the dentist has to remove the infected tooth so that they can release the infected fluid,which is causing such a bad infection. Jeremys evening seems to be fine, until the next morning "EARLY MORNING" Jeremy is experienceing excruciating pain! but he decides to wait it out. he makes a appt. at Park Dental for Wed. mid morning. Wed. rolls around. Jeremy precedes to his appt. not expecting for it to turn into a 2hr.appt. They ended up puting in a infection drain, which just keeps the infected area open so that the infected juices can drain. sounds yucky to me!!! o yeah,lots of spitting takes place after the appt. and alot of bleeding too! Jeremy comes home takes his pain killer and puts ice to his swollen jawline. I unfortentlly had to leave at this point. I felt so so bad for him. Being in such pain and all.
Thursday rolls around I take Jeremy out to his work to pick up his check. we also made some other little stops along the way home. Jeremy bought me lunch at Spectators. :) Nummy! thnx.dear! love ya!!! :) Feel better! finally got home! laid on recliner and relaxed.! then about fiveish rolled around and i headed home! around eightish Jer texts me saying "u should spend the night" so I call him and find out what is up. and I find out that he has a early dentist appt.thenext am. Fri morning, comes quickly. We get up and get to the dentist early which means Jeremys moved up! :) he was in there for about an hr.or so, then we headed to McD's so i could get a oj. and a egg mcmuffin. :) yummy!! sorry Jer, that you couldn't enjoy one. happy you liked the o.j. though. :) we get to the oral surgeons in Rosedale, Jers stuck filling out forms of some sort. :( which didnt help the matter! he's in PAIN!!!! last thing u wanna do is stupid forms! FIANLLY Jeremy gets into the appt.! Praise GOD! NO SUREGERY NEEDED! they were going to have to put in another drain. But once the oral surgeon saw Jeremys jaw, he decided that it wasn't needed! Praise God. we head home stop at Walgreens to fill a pain medication. then we headed to Spectators for a YUMMY lunch.Thnx.again darling!ILY....! I leave to go home then head back up around nine o'clock pm. :) hang out for a bit then head home. Sat.Jeremy helped set up for the EBFD booster day dance. thats alot of activity for him especially since he still isnt quite himself yet. I am so PROUD of him for sticking it out through the day and till midnight at the dance! WE ALL LOVED SEEING YOU IN UR CLASS A UNIFORM!! I GET WEAK IN THE KNEES STILL WHEN I C U IN 'EM! :l) proud to call u my future hubby! :) I LOVE YOU FOR EVER AND EVER!.


EBFRA.....stands for East Bethel firefighters relief association.Which is, If a member becomes injured while on duty the money is used to help relief the member and his or her family.

EBFD....East Bethel fire Department. has always been apart of East Bethels Booster days Celebration. the firefighters do so much to help out w/the set up for the days events. appear in the days parade, along w/puting on a spectacular dance in the evening for all East Bethel Citizens. :) what an amazing bunch of men and women. Each year the band HighNoon plays at the benefit. Highnoon is a country band they play at the Maxx sometimes. :) But every year i've gone to the party it just gets better and better.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Forest Lake♥

Me w/Forest Lake in the back! ♥

1ST photo is me and my friend Shelly♥ we are sitting on the boat launch w/our tootsies in the lake :) felt soooo GOOD!

softball game!

Me and the "Sarah's" LOLS.. Love you both! :) anyways,b4 Sarah R. (middle) started to warm up, we took a group photo!

Got my bridesmaids dress♥

ok,so its not a large image, but it works! :) this is my bridesmaids dress for my friends sisters wedding :).

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Yuppers my parents on vacation my brother is w/them and I'm here soaking up the quiet :) It was weird at first but its really nice. I mean, I kinda miss 'em. but they'll be home on Sat. afternoon so I'm just enjoying my freedom :). Seriously! lols.. So far I've been to a pool party on Sat. at my friends place, Sat night spent time w/my fiance :) and on Sunday spent the day w/my bestie :) then met up w/all my friends for dinner at Subway :) saw an old friend there on his dinner break. O yeah, his name is Chase :) and then after dinner we all jonnted to my place for time in the hot tub. Then after that ppl. left and my friend Shelly stayed the night w/me :) that was really nice. Then after she had left I decided to take my doggy on a walk, we walked for a bit got Hot! and decided to come back home. Yesterday, I also cleaned up the house and ran up to SuperTarget for some essentials. :) than decided to make dinner and then went up to Jeremys and spent some time talking w/Candy :). Then spent time w/Kim. we watched Life Size w/Tyra Banks and Lindsey Lohan. Really a good movie hadn't seen it in a long long time :). Then Jeremy came home from his firefighters meeting and we snuggled and then i left kinda early seeing as Jeremy started his new job. :) Congrats JEREMY! Love you so freaking much!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Thursday, May 28, 2009

wheres the best places to look for employment?

Well I'm now looking for a job!! I am still employed at officemax, but I really would like to excel and try to achieve a job that pays higher than 8buxs an hr. I am willing to travel about 12miles or more for work. If anyone knows of some great employment websites please let me know. I also was employed w/ISD#11 back in '08 for about 41/2 months. I love children and would absolutely love to get a para job with school aged children. Well if you know of any schools that are hiring or know of a website to check out please forward the info to me. my e-mail is I can be reached at anytime of the day or night by this email. Thank you all and God bless :)

Heres my bridesmaid dress for Sarah Olsons wedding :). It wont be a red dress it will be a Navy blue dress. Its by Alfred Angelo. Not sure if I spelled his name right me and Christina have dresses made by the same desinger. Shelly got her formal at Davids Bridal it is a floor length dress navy blue as well. Christinas is knee length w/two colors pool blue as the main color w/outlining in navy blue, Rachels is canary yellow.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Please find it in your hearts to pray for my Fiancee and his mother. Jeremys mom has been working for a non profit (tax-exempt) church for three yrs.and she just found out like 3 wks.ago that she and one other lady were being laid off on June 30th. Please PRAY that she can find employment quickly! so that she can keep up w/her house payments!!!!! :( thats whats really scary shes already thinking that things will get really really really hard. And I just pray that somehow her bills will be paid by miracles :) God works in mysterious ways! :) So I thank you all from the bottom of my heart! May the Lord fully bless you and yours.


Heres Jeremy diving in HS. he made it to state one yr.! way to go babe. Love yas! What a dive

Bens Graduation!

My brother Benjamin graduates on June 10,2009! He's been accepted to UMD. :) Congrats little brother! Love you so so much! I'm so happy for you. I can still remember when we were just little kids and here I am almost 23 and you 18 and done w/high school! CONGRATS!!!! I am so proud of you! Your such a great young man, God has many great plans for you. I hope that you and I continue to have such a great friendship :) your an amazing young man of God!

PS. hope that graduation ceremony is outside at the athletic field than in the field house, that sucked having graduation in our field house. yucky! Good luck,and I love you Benny!

Coon Rapids Dam

One of my favorite passtimes is walking :) Especially with my friends. We LOVE to take pics. on our walks at Coon Rapids Dam.

Favorite Lake Ever! Coon Lake

This is a shot of Coon Lake at sunset. Lovely isn't it? Gods world is absolutely astonishing. I praise him for dieing on the cross and enduring my sins and indiscretions. Thank you God!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Peace and serinity

Gods Greatness


Its 12:17am. on Wednesday morning and i'm odly up! lols. kinda weird for me since the past four months or so my bed time has been pretty routine. Bed by eleven no later. and here it is after midnight. :>) who knows. lol.. This evening went to see Jer :) nice time up there. Rained alot on my way up to his place. just poored down!! and just as i was running up Jers driveway it just pelted down again! it actually started at 22 and I was praying "Lord hold the rain off till i'm in his house" and the Lord did a really great job. I was at the front steps when it came a pooring down. :) I was just in time to finish up the ending of the "Bucket List" w/Morgan Freeman! :) really great movie! haven't seen that since last summer. Then after Jers friend took off Jerm and I had some quiet time. really nice, i watched what i wanted to in his rm.and he wrapped up his resume on the puter and then about fifteen minutes later he came in to join me. Then at 10:40 or so I decided to hed home. I was sore from being on my feet all this afternoon at work! yeah, and it was only 4 hrs. which you wouldnt think would tire out someone as young as me. but hey guess it can get anyone down. lols.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

its been a while!

well lets see here.....1st and for most! HAPPY MOMS DAY!! love you mommy! :) I really have been blessed w/such a wonderful mother and a wonderful mother in law! aww....Tear Tear! lols, lately i've struggled a lot with major anxiety attacks. my parents have been my support system. I've also come to realize how God can work through me. I'm learning that God doesnt ever leave my side though at times it does feel like i'm standing all alone! :( I look at myself a lot and say '' Y,God!" but then i try to remember that God makes all individuals in his great vision! So by doubting myself, I'm realing doubting the Lord! And I shouldn't doubt the creator who has put me on this earth! I nd. to love mysef! like,God intended. I think the reasons I have been stressing lately is less and less work, finaces, growing up! wow! growing up kinda suxs!! I mean in elementarty school my only worry was....what was in my lunch box. and now I have car insurance payments to make help out w/rent in some ways. lols, when i can afford to help out w/some sort of a rent payment! But luckily my parents have been so loving and really understanding that the work havent been where they were and as long as i pay my 100a month for car ins. its all good and 40a month for cell. But i mean thats still alot! and on top of all of this i'm trying to build my savings so that my fiancee and i can soon set our wedding date

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Coming up in August (22nd 09) my best friends sister Sarah O. will be tieing the knot w/her future hubby Jesse Cameron! God bless and good luck to the both of you! :)

The very top pic. is a picture of me in my gown for Sarahs wedding I have not yet purchased it :( I better get on the ball..lols

Holidays are over :(

Yep! the Holidays are done and over :( no more, Christmas lights,warm holiday wishes or tv.specials :( I cant believe how quickly holidays go by! no more Happy Holidays, or Merry Christmas'. But that doesnt mean we should just forget it, we should always treat each day like a holiday. By which, treating ppl.with warm loving wishes...and lots of love! Its so intresting, that when we're excited for an event it seems like it will nvr.arrive and when it finally does arrive it seems to have flown by! wow!!! thats def. weird.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

winter night/Chilis/and patchwork

WOW! the basket on the Right is my first attempt at patchwork! :) I'm so thrilled that it turned out exactly like Kims! her's is on the Left! :) I spent a good 2 hrs. working on mine! its almost completly finished just needs a little filler fabric on the inside and taduh!!! its completed!!! YEAH!

Beginning of the night was really really really blah!!! got home from work a little after 4.Then ate some home made fried rice. Yummy!! :) and then just excercised. Yeah really blah i know. :( . Then i decided to run up to WellsFargo to cash my check :)! thats always a fun thing. Then as I was waiting to get my money,Jer called and was like "we're going to Chilis wanna go?". I'm like "sure sounds like alot more fun then sitting home on a Fri. night!" So I head to Chilis and of course when i get there its packed! so I put our names on the waiting list 20min.turned into like 35 or 40min. haha lols. what can ya do, ya know :). Had a burger! and a topshelf presidente Margarita!!that was so freaking good!!! :) Then after that I decided to go up to Jers and work on some patchwork w/Jers mom. I worked on my patchwork for prob.2 hrs.! then went to hang w/the boys. they played Halo 3 all night so Patchworking was awesome and so much more fun than sitting there bored off my butt. lols. As you can see at the top of the page Its small but its my first attempt! :)

Thats all folks :)

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

New Job

yep,I got a job! at Office Max near my home :) and i enjoy it alot. I am not a BIG fan of retail but hey sometimes its all that you can get. I'm going to be starting my job hunt here after the holidays :) I really would like to get an office job as a receptionist or as a sectary. My other dream is to become a special ed.para. I really enjoy helping young children achieve there biggest dreams. :) I know that I may have to wait a while for things to open up but I can only be positive and rely on God.Because, Gods got my life planned out for me :). So trusting in him is exactly what I did b4 I landed the OMax job. lols, that's what we call it. I am pretty lucky however :) I work w/my second cousin Leah :) that's really sweet!! and my engaged to my second cousin :). yeah, never thought I'd have such a sweet hook up.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Hinckley Minnesota here I come :) looking forward to lovely Hinckley MN. My mother in law and great mom in law are going to Hinckley casino for the night. Can't wait. Oh yeah, Jeremys second cousin Jessica may come up with her friend Pricilla :D think thats how you spell that. So looking forward to swimming and just having a good time. Jeremys grama Diana will also be joining us! funtimes! I am so in need of this :D so it's just one night, but it will still help me out alot. I am really happy to be going and getting to bond w/Jeremys fam. Because soon I will be a part of thaere fam. :D So yeah looking forward to getting to spend some time with them. I can't wait to just take a dip in the hot tub and the pool! and play some slots!! fun fun fun!! off to have a greeeeeeeeattttttttttt !!! time

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Well all of this political nonsence is done and over w/! thank God!!!! :D wow, can't belive how much slander is used in all of those political television commericals! wow!! anyways, yesterday (Tues.Nov. 4,2008) we elected Obama!! :( thats to bad! he's for abortion!! which is moraly wrong! he's for gay marriage which again is totally wrong! I just can't believe how dumb ppl. can be to vote for such a inexperienced man! Really, ppl. c'mon. Can you not sence that he's always been a shifty man? I mean, he doesn't respect our National Anthem!! c'mon, if elected the President of the U.S.A. aren't you suppose to love and cherish this country? are you not suppose to put your hand over your heart and sing w/love,respect,and honor? well according to Obama NO!!Wow, I'm scared to imagion where this country is head to! its sad to say but I kinda think he's not Presidential material. Not becuase he's black, but just because his out looks on life don't match! I mean hes Democratic, but yet he seems to bounce from one end of the Political spectrum to the other!What gives?
I sure don't get it! and probually never will until I lay up in heaven w/God! God plz. Lord protect our country!!!!!! Thats all I wish for!

Friday, October 24, 2008


Go Gophers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah!
Well yes we've had a great mens basketball team. Hopefully this yr. will be the same. Good luck guys :), hope that we make it to the BIG TEN! Go GoPhErS!!! I totaly am cheering for you this yr. as for last yr. I did as well.
Anyways, M-I-N-N-E-S-O-T-A, minneost yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Gophers!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

In Remembrance!

to the right is a picture of a motorcycle with the names engraved into it of all the men and women (fire,police,medics) who lost there lives while rescuing others in distress. THANK YOU! to all the men and woman who were so selfless who put there own lives on the line. God surely was watching over every single man and woman who lost his/her life that sad and awful day. May they forever and ever rest in peace. May we never forget them in our prayers. How hard it must be still for the loved ones who were left behind in this atrosity. Prayers and hope go out to all of the loved ones who were left behind. God bless you all! May you remember the happier times, the wonderful memories, and amazing friendships you had. May you not weep,but rejoice. May your hearts burn with LOVE for those whom were lost, but also for those who live around you as well. Love your neighbor as yourself :) that is so true! Well may this be a letter of encouragement!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Political thoughts !

Okay, so i'm sure pretty much everyone who lives in the U.S. has seen all those political
commercials you know the ones that attack the other appoinit! well, I'm sick of them! Why does politics have to be so brutal? I mean is brutality what America seriously stands for? I sure hope not! As I have grown I've allways thought of America as wonderful,helpful and honest! By the way that these political T.V. adds have gone it sometimes makes me think the complet oppisite. Dont get me wrong though, I so love America! I love our freedoms. I love not having to be affraid to walk down the street and to know that I am pretty much safe. I love that America is America. But I just can't believe how low we've sunk to advertise politics. I mean, obvisouly its just a diversion one canidate to the other canidate. Its just hard to understand the actual reasons why the canidates need too be so dishones about one another. I was always tought that TRUTH! is the BEST or "Honesty is the best Policy" thats what the new political canidates should be selling and sticking by. But hey only God knows each and every sin of man. Who am I to put these ppl. to shame I mean, one of them is going to be our Nations next leader. All we can do is PRAY!!!!!!! pray for our nations leaders. Pray that the "enemy" (satin) doesn't interfere. But as a Christian I have come to realize that satin always interferes in all that is good especially when God is in the center.


AMEN! :)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008