Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Yuppers my parents on vacation my brother is w/them and I'm here soaking up the quiet :) It was weird at first but its really nice. I mean, I kinda miss 'em. but they'll be home on Sat. afternoon so I'm just enjoying my freedom :). Seriously! lols.. So far I've been to a pool party on Sat. at my friends place, Sat night spent time w/my fiance :) and on Sunday spent the day w/my bestie :) then met up w/all my friends for dinner at Subway :) saw an old friend there on his dinner break. O yeah, his name is Chase :) and then after dinner we all jonnted to my place for time in the hot tub. Then after that ppl. left and my friend Shelly stayed the night w/me :) that was really nice. Then after she had left I decided to take my doggy on a walk, we walked for a bit got Hot! and decided to come back home. Yesterday, I also cleaned up the house and ran up to SuperTarget for some essentials. :) than decided to make dinner and then went up to Jeremys and spent some time talking w/Candy :). Then spent time w/Kim. we watched Life Size w/Tyra Banks and Lindsey Lohan. Really a good movie hadn't seen it in a long long time :). Then Jeremy came home from his firefighters meeting and we snuggled and then i left kinda early seeing as Jeremy started his new job. :) Congrats JEREMY! Love you so freaking much!