Monday, February 8, 2010


Don't understand y, ppl.strive to make other ppl. upset! seriously!! Last night my fiance and i really had it out w/one of my supposibly friends! shes been harassing me, judging me,, and just being down right rude to me and to my fiance. So we finally shared some words go loose. It sure felt great! I honestly could care less if our friendship is over. shes been so rude to me over the yrs.and I've never. been able to push her to the side. But i was talking to another friend, and she said, maybe its just time to move on! and I do agree!! :) Thanks Katie! Love YA!! love ya too Shelly. A BIG! thanks to my wonderful fiance :) thanks for supporting me and for sticking up for me too! I really appreciated it. :)