Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Peace and serinity

Gods Greatness


Its 12:17am. on Wednesday morning and i'm odly up! lols. kinda weird for me since the past four months or so my bed time has been pretty routine. Bed by eleven no later. and here it is after midnight. :>) who knows. lol.. This evening went to see Jer :) nice time up there. Rained alot on my way up to his place. just poored down!! and just as i was running up Jers driveway it just pelted down again! it actually started at 22 and I was praying "Lord hold the rain off till i'm in his house" and the Lord did a really great job. I was at the front steps when it came a pooring down. :) I was just in time to finish up the ending of the "Bucket List" w/Morgan Freeman! :) really great movie! haven't seen that since last summer. Then after Jers friend took off Jerm and I had some quiet time. really nice, i watched what i wanted to in his rm.and he wrapped up his resume on the puter and then about fifteen minutes later he came in to join me. Then at 10:40 or so I decided to hed home. I was sore from being on my feet all this afternoon at work! yeah, and it was only 4 hrs. which you wouldnt think would tire out someone as young as me. but hey guess it can get anyone down. lols.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

its been a while!

well lets see here.....1st and for most! HAPPY MOMS DAY!! love you mommy! :) I really have been blessed w/such a wonderful mother and a wonderful mother in law! aww....Tear Tear! lols, lately i've struggled a lot with major anxiety attacks. my parents have been my support system. I've also come to realize how God can work through me. I'm learning that God doesnt ever leave my side though at times it does feel like i'm standing all alone! :( I look at myself a lot and say '' Y,God!" but then i try to remember that God makes all individuals in his great vision! So by doubting myself, I'm realing doubting the Lord! And I shouldn't doubt the creator who has put me on this earth! I nd. to love mysef! like,God intended. I think the reasons I have been stressing lately is less and less hrs.at work, finaces, growing up! wow! growing up kinda suxs!! I mean in elementarty school my only worry was....what was in my lunch box. and now I have car insurance payments to make help out w/rent in some ways. lols, when i can afford to help out w/some sort of a rent payment! But luckily my parents have been so loving and really understanding that the hrs.at work havent been where they were and as long as i pay my 100a month for car ins. its all good and 40a month for cell. But i mean thats still alot! and on top of all of this i'm trying to build my savings so that my fiancee and i can soon set our wedding date