Wednesday, December 3, 2008

New Job

yep,I got a job! at Office Max near my home :) and i enjoy it alot. I am not a BIG fan of retail but hey sometimes its all that you can get. I'm going to be starting my job hunt here after the holidays :) I really would like to get an office job as a receptionist or as a sectary. My other dream is to become a special ed.para. I really enjoy helping young children achieve there biggest dreams. :) I know that I may have to wait a while for things to open up but I can only be positive and rely on God.Because, Gods got my life planned out for me :). So trusting in him is exactly what I did b4 I landed the OMax job. lols, that's what we call it. I am pretty lucky however :) I work w/my second cousin Leah :) that's really sweet!! and my engaged to my second cousin :). yeah, never thought I'd have such a sweet hook up.