Saturday, May 30, 2009

Thursday, May 28, 2009

wheres the best places to look for employment?

Well I'm now looking for a job!! I am still employed at officemax, but I really would like to excel and try to achieve a job that pays higher than 8buxs an hr. I am willing to travel about 12miles or more for work. If anyone knows of some great employment websites please let me know. I also was employed w/ISD#11 back in '08 for about 41/2 months. I love children and would absolutely love to get a para job with school aged children. Well if you know of any schools that are hiring or know of a website to check out please forward the info to me. my e-mail is I can be reached at anytime of the day or night by this email. Thank you all and God bless :)

Heres my bridesmaid dress for Sarah Olsons wedding :). It wont be a red dress it will be a Navy blue dress. Its by Alfred Angelo. Not sure if I spelled his name right me and Christina have dresses made by the same desinger. Shelly got her formal at Davids Bridal it is a floor length dress navy blue as well. Christinas is knee length w/two colors pool blue as the main color w/outlining in navy blue, Rachels is canary yellow.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Please find it in your hearts to pray for my Fiancee and his mother. Jeremys mom has been working for a non profit (tax-exempt) church for three yrs.and she just found out like 3 wks.ago that she and one other lady were being laid off on June 30th. Please PRAY that she can find employment quickly! so that she can keep up w/her house payments!!!!! :( thats whats really scary shes already thinking that things will get really really really hard. And I just pray that somehow her bills will be paid by miracles :) God works in mysterious ways! :) So I thank you all from the bottom of my heart! May the Lord fully bless you and yours.


Heres Jeremy diving in HS. he made it to state one yr.! way to go babe. Love yas! What a dive

Bens Graduation!

My brother Benjamin graduates on June 10,2009! He's been accepted to UMD. :) Congrats little brother! Love you so so much! I'm so happy for you. I can still remember when we were just little kids and here I am almost 23 and you 18 and done w/high school! CONGRATS!!!! I am so proud of you! Your such a great young man, God has many great plans for you. I hope that you and I continue to have such a great friendship :) your an amazing young man of God!

PS. hope that graduation ceremony is outside at the athletic field than in the field house, that sucked having graduation in our field house. yucky! Good luck,and I love you Benny!

Coon Rapids Dam

One of my favorite passtimes is walking :) Especially with my friends. We LOVE to take pics. on our walks at Coon Rapids Dam.

Favorite Lake Ever! Coon Lake

This is a shot of Coon Lake at sunset. Lovely isn't it? Gods world is absolutely astonishing. I praise him for dieing on the cross and enduring my sins and indiscretions. Thank you God!