Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Coming up in August (22nd 09) my best friends sister Sarah O. will be tieing the knot w/her future hubby Jesse Cameron! God bless and good luck to the both of you! :)

The very top pic. is a picture of me in my gown for Sarahs wedding I have not yet purchased it :( I better get on the ball..lols

Holidays are over :(

Yep! the Holidays are done and over :( no more, Christmas lights,warm holiday wishes or tv.specials :( I cant believe how quickly holidays go by! no more Happy Holidays, or Merry Christmas'. But that doesnt mean we should just forget it, we should always treat each day like a holiday. By which, treating ppl.with warm loving wishes...and lots of love! Its so intresting, that when we're excited for an event it seems like it will nvr.arrive and when it finally does arrive it seems to have flown by! wow!!! thats def. weird.