Saturday, January 3, 2009

winter night/Chilis/and patchwork

WOW! the basket on the Right is my first attempt at patchwork! :) I'm so thrilled that it turned out exactly like Kims! her's is on the Left! :) I spent a good 2 hrs. working on mine! its almost completly finished just needs a little filler fabric on the inside and taduh!!! its completed!!! YEAH!

Beginning of the night was really really really blah!!! got home from work a little after 4.Then ate some home made fried rice. Yummy!! :) and then just excercised. Yeah really blah i know. :( . Then i decided to run up to WellsFargo to cash my check :)! thats always a fun thing. Then as I was waiting to get my money,Jer called and was like "we're going to Chilis wanna go?". I'm like "sure sounds like alot more fun then sitting home on a Fri. night!" So I head to Chilis and of course when i get there its packed! so I put our names on the waiting list 20min.turned into like 35 or 40min. haha lols. what can ya do, ya know :). Had a burger! and a topshelf presidente Margarita!!that was so freaking good!!! :) Then after that I decided to go up to Jers and work on some patchwork w/Jers mom. I worked on my patchwork for prob.2 hrs.! then went to hang w/the boys. they played Halo 3 all night so Patchworking was awesome and so much more fun than sitting there bored off my butt. lols. As you can see at the top of the page Its small but its my first attempt! :)

Thats all folks :)