Saturday, September 18, 2010

Summer 2010

Well, it's September 18th!! whoa, where did summer go? Anyways, I thought i'd just jot down a few thoughts here today. I also thought i'd jot down a few of my summer highlights too. :)
Summer highlight number 1. Going to Wyoming (2x's) once in May,once in August. Our first visit out to Wyoming we went to YellowStone Ntnl. Park (2xs). While out there we saw; Moose,bear,Pronghorns,deer,Antalope, Buffalo, Wolf, Cayotees, and much much more.
Also, on our first visit out to Wyoming we went to a place called Thermopolis. its a nice town, and they're well known for they're hotspring pools. Yeah, hot spring pools, they don't smell the best but if you can put up w/the smell its well worth it. My skin was so smooth after being in the awesome mineral water. I also, jumped off a high dive :) It was fun.
Summer memory number 2.Hanging out with my good frine Katie :) we walked her dog Kato at this one park, poor lil Kato got stung by a bee we think. Katie and I both walked prob. for three hrs. :) after walking we went to Subway, and we tried the summer sandwich, Apple chicken salad! Yummy!!! :) and not that bad for you either.
Summer memory number 3. Seeing Loretta Lynn at Grand Casino Hinckley w/my mommy! :) it was so much fun! she's such an amazing singer!!! and then we played and i won!! but played it all back to the dumb slots!! :( O WELL. lols.
Summer memory number 4. Parents go out West! :) Yehaw!!! they're gone!! lols, we missed e'm but how nice that was to have them out of the house for a whole wk. durning the week, i went to my AUnt Lindys for a bbq. and had good food, visited w/wonderful family too.
Summer is coming to an end, seeing as bts. is over! :) lols, BTS, stands for "BACK TO SCHOOL" yup, working retail, you kinda get use to using those lil slang terms. :) anyways, just had my 24th bday. i feel old, and not accomplished :( i'm deciding on whether or not if i should go back to school. I am still unsure of what i'd like to do for a carreer. parts of me would love to become a nurse, but i hate science and math :( another part of me would love to become a firefighter like my Fiance! :) but i'm not sure if i've got the endurance.
Getting older is exciting, yet for some realson, its a lil depressing too. I guess, when i was younger, i imaged myself living a vast life . Driving a newier car, graduated from college and making more $$$ then what i am at this moment. I also, thought i'd be married :( I'm not unhappy just excited to say i'm FINALLY married!! I've been engaged to my fiance now almost 4 yrs.!! I'm trying my hardest to motivate myself and him too. and it's not easy!! not easy to save $ when you don't make bearly enough! to cover all your bills, and something always seems to come up! Each time we both come into extra $ we both say "yeah, we'll put it away for our wedding fund" but then for some odd dumbass reason something always keeps us from fufilling that destiny!!!!! Y!!?????? SERIOUSLY Y!!!
well i've bitched enough! lols, now lets hear from you all! comment on my page!! :)

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