Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Summer 2010


Done an awful lot! :) Jeremy and I finally made it out to Wyo! Jeremy and I made it to Yellowstone,Thermopolis (hotsprings), Worland (Jeremys other home). There was so much to see, I almost felt overfwhelmed. lolz, well we had an amazing time! In Yellowstone they had a minor avalanche over the Sylvan pass. Had Jeremy and I had left Cody earlier we would have been snowed in till the next morning. So that afternoon Jeremy and I went through the South Fork. BeAuTiFuL! so amazingly pretty :) Gods handi work is so unbelivable! I'm blessed beyond belief! Jeremy is so lucky to have lived out there for two yrs. wow!

Seeing Thermopolis, Thermop, the hotsprings were something else. they did smell a little bit like sulfer. After a while you sort of just got use to the smell. the hot water, and the rushing waterslides, life just couldn't get any sweeter than this. he he he he...Jeremy and I swam outside. and we got to soak in the hot tub outside, granted it was rainy/snowy, oh well. lolz. Being held in Jeremys arms and just seeing all the glory around me life was perfect. That evening Jeremy and I got to see Iron Man 2 awesome movie1 :)

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  1. It is such an awesome state. I love it out there. So glad you had a great time.