Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Windows 7!!

Well its official!!! Windows 7 has been launched! cant wait to see how many ppl.actually buy today :) lols. Thankfully,i'm not working until 6pm :) Because I will bet a majority of our sales may be during the lunch hr.than again, alot of ppl.esepcially families shop at night. So we will def.c wut happens. :) God, plz.dont let it be too heckdic!! :)....Anyways, i'm still learning aobut Vista lols,hope I can get up to speed on 7! Thank goodness there are a few our store who know alot more than I do :) but i'm learning slowly! lols.Couldnt believe how much I accomplished in my 8hr.shift today :) my head is still spinning at how much I did :) I couldn't believe how quickly the day went by! Instead of eating my Stouffers Lasngna I treated myself to something at Mcd's lols,I was sooooooooo freaking hungry from all the running around I had been doing all day. I treated my her fav. iced coffee drink. Iced Carmel coffee :) actually pretty good too! :) lols, I snuck a sip. Maybe i'll get one of those instead of a coffee at Caribou,but the coffee drinks at Caribou are sooooooooooooo GOOD~!

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