Sunday, July 19, 2009

the tale of an infected tooth!

ok,so it all started about a wk.ago :( . Sunday evening rolls around and my babe has one hell of a tooth ache. Mon.morning rolls around even quicker and Jeremy makes a dentist Park Dental. He goes in to see exactly what this pain is being caused from. Jeremy finds out its a badly infected tooth. so the dentist has to remove the infected tooth so that they can release the infected fluid,which is causing such a bad infection. Jeremys evening seems to be fine, until the next morning "EARLY MORNING" Jeremy is experienceing excruciating pain! but he decides to wait it out. he makes a appt. at Park Dental for Wed. mid morning. Wed. rolls around. Jeremy precedes to his appt. not expecting for it to turn into a 2hr.appt. They ended up puting in a infection drain, which just keeps the infected area open so that the infected juices can drain. sounds yucky to me!!! o yeah,lots of spitting takes place after the appt. and alot of bleeding too! Jeremy comes home takes his pain killer and puts ice to his swollen jawline. I unfortentlly had to leave at this point. I felt so so bad for him. Being in such pain and all.
Thursday rolls around I take Jeremy out to his work to pick up his check. we also made some other little stops along the way home. Jeremy bought me lunch at Spectators. :) Nummy! thnx.dear! love ya!!! :) Feel better! finally got home! laid on recliner and relaxed.! then about fiveish rolled around and i headed home! around eightish Jer texts me saying "u should spend the night" so I call him and find out what is up. and I find out that he has a early dentist appt.thenext am. Fri morning, comes quickly. We get up and get to the dentist early which means Jeremys moved up! :) he was in there for about an hr.or so, then we headed to McD's so i could get a oj. and a egg mcmuffin. :) yummy!! sorry Jer, that you couldn't enjoy one. happy you liked the o.j. though. :) we get to the oral surgeons in Rosedale, Jers stuck filling out forms of some sort. :( which didnt help the matter! he's in PAIN!!!! last thing u wanna do is stupid forms! FIANLLY Jeremy gets into the appt.! Praise GOD! NO SUREGERY NEEDED! they were going to have to put in another drain. But once the oral surgeon saw Jeremys jaw, he decided that it wasn't needed! Praise God. we head home stop at Walgreens to fill a pain medication. then we headed to Spectators for a YUMMY lunch.Thnx.again darling!ILY....! I leave to go home then head back up around nine o'clock pm. :) hang out for a bit then head home. Sat.Jeremy helped set up for the EBFD booster day dance. thats alot of activity for him especially since he still isnt quite himself yet. I am so PROUD of him for sticking it out through the day and till midnight at the dance! WE ALL LOVED SEEING YOU IN UR CLASS A UNIFORM!! I GET WEAK IN THE KNEES STILL WHEN I C U IN 'EM! :l) proud to call u my future hubby! :) I LOVE YOU FOR EVER AND EVER!.

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  1. Awesome Steph I wish he would smile more in the pic :S